You can apply for a student flat if you are:

  • Taking a government-approved education
  • An exchange-student
  • Starting an internship that is a prerequisite for you to be admitted to a higher education
  • Attending a language school and having a minimum of 16 lessons per week
  • Available to work and complements your earlier education with a minimum of 20 hours of day-school per week

Age limitation
You must be 17 years of age to apply for a student flat.
Moving in and moving out of a student flat
You are allowed to move in to a student flat 3 months before you start your education
You are allowed to stay in a student flat 3 months after your education has finished
Pets are only allowed in the following places:
Låsbygade 71 C-H
Låsbygade 44, 50 og 110
Kolding Åpark 18A, Campus II
See further info on rules for pets under the various departments
Student flats, you can apply for
We have 1-room and 2-room flats that you can apply for.
You are allowed to live 2 persons per room; that means no more than 2 persons can live in a 1-room flat and no more than 4 persons can live in a 2-room flat.
Couples applying for 2-room flats will have first right to these flats.
Applicants with children can only apply for 2-room flats
Your application becomes active 6 weeks before the date you have chosen as “move in date”.
When your application is active you are able to receive offers for a flat from us.
Your application is automatically deleted if you:

  • Do not respond to the offer within the deadline
  • Have answered no to 3 different offers
  • Have answered yes to a flat

You are allowed to have 1 application with us, multiple applications will be deleted
If you are applying with a co-applicant then as a minimum the main applicant must be a student taking an education