Where can I find pictures of the flats?
You can see pictures under the various departments. The pictures don´t show a specific pricetype, but are representative for the department

Why is my account deactivated?
Your account will be automatically deactivated if you:

  • Have received an offer and have not responded within the given deadline
  • Have answered no to three different offers
  • Have said yes to an offer

When can I apply for a student flat?
You can create an application whenever you want to, but your application will not become active until 6 weeks before your requested date of moving in
When can I move in to a student flat?
You can move in to a student flat 3 months before you start your education and you are allowed to stay in the flat 3 months after you finish your education
Can more than 1 person live in a student flat?
You are allowed to live 2 persons in a 1-room flat and 4 persons in a 2-room flat; this means a maximum of 2 people per room
Applicants with children can only apply for 2-room flats

Can one person live in a 2-room flat?
Yes, one person can apply for a 2-room flat, but couples are prioritized on the waiting lists for 2-room flats
Can I make more than one application to improve my chances for getting a flat?
No, you are only allowed to have one application. Multiple applications will be deleted
Why is my flat smaller than stated in the offer I have received?
All flats are stated in gross m2; gross m2 includes all shared areas like stairways, hallway, elevator etc.
For some flats you can find the netto m2 on the floor plan on our website
Can I decline an offer for a flat?
Yes you can, but please note that if you decline 3 different offers from us your application is automatically deleted. To continue applying you must make a new application and start over
Do you have student flats for disabled persons?
We only have standard flats; this means we have no flats for disabled persons
Are pets allowed in the student flats?
Pets are only allowed in the following places:
Låsbygade 71 C-H
Låsbygade 44, 50 og 110
See further info on rules for pets under the various departments
Can I move in to a student flat where pets are not allowed and get dispensation?
No, that is not possible
Will I advance on the waiting list for a student flat if I have nowhere to live?
No, the allocation of student flats follow the waiting list rules
Do I have to be a member of a housing association to apply on studentkolding?
No, you do not, but when you accept an offer for a student flat you must become a member of the housing association that owns this flat
Can I get housing benefits?
If you live in a rented residence you can apply for housing benefits from Udbetaling Danmark. Read more about conditions and housing benefits here
What is digital post?
To ensure you get all the important letters from the public authorities when living in Denmark, it is necessary for you to get NemID.
To get NemID you will have to visit Borgerservice and remember to bring your health insurance card and passport/national ID.
Furthermore you will have to register for digital post. To do that go to www.borger.dk and use your NemID.

What is the waiting list system?
There is a waiting list for each type of flat. The waiting lists are controlled by a point system, where applicants with the highest score of points are placed at the top of the waiting lists
Applicants who live outside of Kolding get geographical starter points; this means that the further away from Kolding you live, the more starter points you get
When your application is active you make 1 point per day. An application is active 6 weeks prior to the requested date for moving in
When you add the flats you wish to apply for you will be on the waiting lists for these flats
Why am I moving up or down the waiting list?
You move up the waiting list when applicants, who are ahead of you, disappear from the waiting list because they have either been offered a flat, or have accepted a flat or their application is deactivated.
You move down the waiting list when applicants with a higher score of points than you choose to apply for the same flats as you.
For instance:
Applicants with a high score of starter points, who make a new application
Applicants who have been applying for a longer period than you and have chosen to apply for the same flats as you
Students from abroad have the highest score of starter points and when their applications are active (6 weeks before their requested date of moving in) you will see big variations on the waiting lists.
How does it all work?
Basically this is how it all works:
You register on our website
You add the student flats you wish to apply for to your application
You are now on the waiting lists for these student flats
6 weeks before your requested date for moving in you will become active and able to recieve offers
When you are first on the waiting list for an available flat we will send the offer to your mailbox
Be sure to give us your answer within the given deadline, otherwise your application is deactivated
If you say yes to an offer we inform the housing association that the flat is yours
The housing association sends you the contract, inform you about payment, where to get the keys to the flat etc.
Can I see which flats are available?
Available flats with no waiting list
If you wish to apply for one of these flats you either add them to your application or contact us on phone no. 7979 7525. If the list is empty it means there are no available student flats without a waiting list.
How long will I have to wait before I get a student flat?
The demand for student flats is at its highest around July, August and September and that shows on the waiting lists. To increase your chances for getting a flat in this period it is a very good idea to apply for as many flats as possible. Later on in the year, when the busiest time is over, chances are better for getting a flat.